Frontend Architect

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India · Engineering


Our Product

Clarisights is a SaaS product that enables marketers to gain better insight from their ads and analytics data. Marketers have to deal with data incoming from multiple siloed sources such as ad networks, web analytics, in-app analytics and inhouse customer data. Collating all this data, exporting it, and later analysing it is often an manual job which is tedious, error prone and very limited. Clarisights solves this problem by stitching in data aggregation, data warehousing and data visualisation into one seamless interface. Marketers can connect their data sources to our platform, streaming all the ad and analytics data to our backend, then can run computations on that data, have custom visualisations, drill down / roll up, and query by any other metric. It gives marketers superpowers by helping them make sense of all their data without any of the pain.

The Role

We hit product market fit in early 2018, bagged a few top tier customers and even managed to close a $2 Million seed round from top European VCs. We are now embarking on the next phases of our revolutionary business intelligence product and need dedicated and world-class engineering expertise to help bring Clarisights to the forefront and establish our brand and product.

We are looking for a frontend architect who has built a career developing and scaling complex frontend applications. The ideal candidate will have experience build complex frontend applications. He/She should have deep knowledge of Javascript, browser and its quirks. Knowledge of best practices in frontend architecture, including performance, accessibility and usability.

This role will involve -

Our Tech Stack

On the backend we use Ruby on Rails for the API, MongoDB and Postgres for the datastore, Docker and Kubernetes for the infrastructure, all hosted on the Google cloud platform.

For the frontend we use Webpack, Flow, Babel, ReactJS, Redux and Redux Saga. We also use react virtualised and highcharts for data visualisation. We test using Jest and Enzyme.


Our job doesn’t begin with a feature request or end with a deploy - our ideal team member is someone who is a self-initiator, identifies what we should work on, figures out how best to tackle it, and isn’t satisfied until it’s done right. He/she will have experience build complex frontend applications and would have deep knowledge of Javascript, browser and its quirks.


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